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The art of upcycling
Sculptor Tim Juel-Jacobsen

last update September 19th

artistic cv

The sculpture "Wobble" exhibited during years in the "Kongelige Haveselskabs have"
in Frederiksberg (CPH)
Sculptures depicted on carrier bags of the supermarket "Irma"
A sculpture across the entrance of the Pharmacy in Smallegade (Cph)
A sculpture 3 mrs high set up in a sculture park in Lituania in the ninties
Sculpture set up in the reception of the  "Hotel Hillerød"
Sculpture in the garden of the "Plejehjemmet Adelaide"
Sculpture in Fredensborg Municipality
Sculpture in he "European Art Museum & Wind Wing Museum"
Udby Inn
censurized exhibitions
The Kunstnernes "Efterårsudstilling" (cph)
The "VK/Elværket in Holbaek
The main library in Hvidovre (Cph)
Gallery Nybro (cph)
The Gallery Kobolt (cph)
The Gallery Linda Balle (cph)
the Gallery Jenzen (Ålborg)
Gl. Estrup Agricultural Museum
The "Internationale Galleri Marziart (Hamburg)
Artist associations
The Artist association Nybro
The "Kunstrunden Nordsjælland"
The Karlebo Art association
The art association Art-Now
a member of the "sculpture network"
The art association  UniArt
member of  the Art association
"det blå tårn" ("the blue tower")
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