The sculptures are abstract like debris of a dream insisting on being realised.

Experiencing them is like listening to a blunt of a melody that You  feel sure to recognise, if You could only get  one or two stanzas more.

Sometimes the sculptures appear as more recognisable, in a conscious way.

Thus the balance between meaningfulness and meaninglesness is an existential condition that would like to share with the viewer.


As a sculptor, I am self taught with focus on contents rather the crafts.

The creative process consists of equal parts of intuition and presence as to crafts.

The heavy material of the resulting sculpture is raised by the simple, abstract figuration.







The Karlebo Inn

January 1st.-February 4.th




Joint exhibition of the art association Nybro

Annaborg the "House of Art"

February 8th.-March 4th.

3400  Hillerød





with painter Lis Engel

In Galleri Nybro

March 2nd.-29th.

Nybrogade 30  CPH    1203  K


Art Nordic

art fair

invited by

theGalleri Engel

april 20.-21.-22.nd 

the "Lokomotivværkstedet"

CPH   2450 SV



The "Kunstrunden"

joint exhibition

May 17th.-June 3rd.

opening hours: Thirsday-Sunday 12-16 o'clock

preview Thirsday 17th. 16-19 o'clock

entrance: free

Annaborg the "House of Art"

Frederiksværksgade 2A  3400 Hillerød





The "Kunstrunden"

"Open doors"

May 19.20.and 21st.

11-17 o'clock

Maglebjergvej 6

3200 Helsinge

mob.: 20 64 49 30

come and have a look into my studio 


Joint exhibition of the art assiciation Nybro

August 15.-28th.

monday-friday  13 - 17 o'clock / saturday 11 - 14 o'clock / sunday 13 - 16 o'clock

preview: Wednesday 15th. 13 - 16 o'clock

the "Langes Magasin"


Østergade 3B   3600 Frederikssund





The art association "Art-Now" 

double joint exhibition


August 18.- 31st. 


the Humlebæk Library  

Humlebæk Center 40   3050 Humlebæk

opening hours: Monday and Wednesday 12-17 o'clock

Tuesday 14.30-16.30 o'clock 

Saturday 10-13 o'clock


August 18.th-Septermber 30th.


the "Linds Kaffebar"

Oscar Bruunsvej 9   3050 Humlebæk

2 Previews:



August 18th.11-13 o'clock


Humlebæk Center 40  -  3050 Humlebæk

extended to:



August 18th.  from 13 >>>

at the Café Lind

Oscar Bruunsvej 9  3050 Humlebæk


look for somethimg to eat and drink at lunch time:



Joint exhibition with painter Ulla Ferdinandsen

September 11.th.-23rd. 

the "Kunstbygningen Filosoffen"

opening hours tuesday-sunday 17-19 o'clock

Thursday 17 o'clock - 20

preview Tuesday 11th. 17-19 oclock

Filosofgangen 30  Odense C

free parking on Kastanjevej

other places demands paying




Joint exhibition with painter Lis Engel 

November 11th.-January 12th.(2019)

the "Dyssegaardens Sognegaard"

Dyssegårdsvej 19  2900 Hellerup

opening hours Tuesday-Friday 10-13 o'clock

evt. by appointment: mob. 20 64 49 30

preview Sunday 4th. 10.30-14 o'clock

free access


The joint Anniversary Exhibition


The Karlebo Artist Assiciation

november 10th.-22nd.

the Humlebæk Library

Humlebæk Center 40  -  3050 Humlebæk

opening hours:

mond.-wedn.-thursd. 12-5 o'clock p.m.

tuesd. 14.30-16.30

sat.10a.m.-1 o'clock p.m

frid. and sund.closed

preview sat.Nov..10th.11 o'clock-1o o'clock p.m.

free access


The annual joint Christmas Exhibition


the Nybro Artist Association

"Angles and other winged creatures"


Nybrogade 30 - 1203 Copenhagen K

preview sat.dec.1st. 13-16 o'clock

open tuesd.-sund. 13-17 o'clock




Sculpture-Network's annual celebration of 3Dimensional art

"Start 19"

January 27th

opening houers 10am-4pm


at the Sculpture workshop of the national Museum

Brede Værk

I.C.Modewegsvej 40

2800 Kgs Lyngby


Joint exhibition

"Broer" ("Bridges")

weith paintress Lis Engel

March 30th.-May 25th.

opening hours  1-5 o'clock p.m.

preview sat. 30th. 1-5 o'clock p.m.

Gallery Nybro

Nybrogade 30 1202 Copenhagen K

contact (+045) 20 64 49 30/(+045) 31 68 90 13



joint exhibition in the art gallery "Manoeuvre"

May 15th.-18th.

preview May 15th.

Meraner Strasse 10

10825 Berlin

(my sculpture did not reach the exhibition because of delivering

problems at the gallery in Berlin)




The 30th. anniversary of Gallery Nybro

and of the Nybro Artist Association

May 6th.-16th.


2000 Frederiksberg

opening hours: thr whole week 12-18 o'clock

preview monday 6th.3 - 6 o'clock p.m.


Joint exhibition 

the arttist association"Kunstrunden Nordsjælland"

June 7th.- 16th.

preview june 6th. -  4-7 o'clock p.m.

Marienlyst Castle

Marienlyst Allé 32

3000 Helsinore

aswell as

"Open doors"

during the joint exhibition the artists can be met in their workshops

mine is situated:

Maglebjergvej 6    3200 Helsinge

please enter june 8, 9 and 10th.

opening hours 11 - 17 o'clock



Joint exhibition "Inferno"

of newly artists association:

"det blå tårn"   (" the Blue Tower")

the title refers to the autobiographical novel

(same title) by the famous Swedish author

August Strindberg

July 13th. - August 4th.

opening hours: wednesday-sunday 10- -16 o'clock

preview: saturday 13 - 16 o'clock

"Bønnelyches Pakhus"

Østergade 14

4880 Nysted




joint exhibition of the art association


at the Humlebæk Library

Humlebæk Center 40 - 3050 Humlebæk

August 17th. - 30th.

preview saturday August 17th. 11-13 o'clock

opening hours: monday-thirsday 12-17 o'clock

saturday 10-13 o'clock


Joint exhibition of

the Karlebo art association

The Humlebæk Library

Humlebæk Center 40r 40 - 3050 Humlebæk

November 9 - 21st.

preview sat. 9th. 11 - 13 o'clock

opening houers mond.-tuesd.wedn.thursd.10 -  17 o'clock

sat. 10. - 13o'clock

free access


Jouioint Christmas exhibition

"Madonnas, Elves, and Trolls"

by Nybro artists

dec.7th- 19th.

no preview - opening hours all days 14-17 o'clock

I will be in the Gallery thursday 19th.

the Gallery Nybro

Nybrogade 30 - 1230 Copenhagen K



Copenhagen Miniature Art 2020

Galleri Nybro

Nybrogade 30  1230 Cph. K

January 6.- 19th.

inf. as to opening hours and fernisage will follow



+45 20 64 49 30

Smedjen · Maglebjergvej 6 · 3200 Helsinge

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